Monday, August 20, 2012


So, after eleven days of using Rodan and Field's anti-aging system, THIS happened:

Eleven Days using Rodan and Fields anti-aging regimen

Can you believe it? I can't. After day 14, I switched to the "Reverse" regimen. I have been using it since Saturday (so today is day 3), and I am liking it pretty well, although it does make my skin a little dry. So I am making sure to use the R+F anti-aging night cream, and I am going to get the eye cream pretty soon, too. Any bets on how long it will take to fade the freckles and age spots on my face, arms and chest? This stuff seems to work at warp speed... at least on me!

Also, yesterday was my very time being in the CONSULTANT role at a Pampered Chef party... Karla took a few pics, when I get my hands on them, I will post about that!

Until next time...

Your Pampered Chef AND Rodan + Fields consultant,
Shawna Parker

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The kits are in! And ... first results with Rodan and Fields!

Well, Friday when I got home, all this Rodan + Fields goodness was waiting for me! Untitled

I couldn't wait to use it. Since my forehead lines (and other aging issues) are what bother me the most, I decided to start with the anti-aging regimen first (I will probably use this one until fall and then switch to our REVERSE line. It makes you very photosensitive, so I think I need to wait for less daylight). Here are my results after just ONE use. Yes, just one! These photos were taken just minutes apart in the same spot in my bathroom.

Rodan and Fields

Forehead lines - decreased!: Rodan and Fields

My sister gave me a lot of grief about smiling too much in my "after" photo, so I retook it. Rodan and Fields

Needless to say I am thrilled with the results. The next morning I got up to do my A.M. regimen. Here's what I looked like after (only wearing mascara and lip balm in this photo): Rodan and Fields

Also, please note that I did not use any photoshop or filters on ANY of these photos. I am loving my skin and cannot wait to see my results after a few more weeks, months, and years!

Here is my R+F website link, if you want to learn more about the products. Be sure to take use the "solution tool" to find out what system would work best for you!

Solution tool:

Also, check out this "real results video" - amazing!

Saturday, at 9:30 PM, I heard a "thunk" on my porch and it was this. Untitled

Who knew that Fed Ex worked that late? Or on Saturdays, period? I didn't. Anyway, here is just a portion of what awaited me in my starter kit!: Untitled

I am having some difficulties getting some answers on why I can't get my website up and going or why it keeps telling me my consultant number is invalid, but I hope to have all that fixed soon... I have six parties booked between now and September 1st!

So far, so good. A little overwhelmed on the PC end, but I will get over it. I got my first R+F order over the weekend!

Your Pampered Chef AND Rodan + Fields Consultant,
Shawna Parker

Why this, and why now?

**note** I originally wrote this post a couple of weeks ago or so and had it on a different blog... however, this one is just easier to manage, so I will be using this one from now on!

Why a home-based business? Why two? Why the two I chose? And why NOW? I'm a 9-5er (8:30-5, if you want to get technical). I have been since I moved to this great city of Nashville over 10 years ago. Before that, I worked nights in a Nursing Home. I will say I greatly prefer 9-5-ing (and paid holidays off!) over those 12 hour shifts.

Several years ago, I had a Pampered Chef party. It was loads of fun, and I fell in love with the products. Did it cross my mind to sell it? No, because I have anxiety like you wouldn't believe. Talking? Out loud? IN FRONT OF PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW? Yeah, right! Not going to happen. In the last year or so, I have forced myself out of that little cozy shell I've been in. I've been honing my party planning skills. I've been forcing the social anxiety down where it belongs and not letting it paralyze me. In February of this year, I got the "hankering" for another Pampered Chef party. A friend of mine (and former co-worker) used to sell it and I mentioned to her one day that I wish she still did, because I was ready to host a party. She got me connected with another consultant, and next thing I knew, I had a party booked for March 10th. More people came than I even hoped for and it was successful beyond what I ever imagined (I got so much free product I haven't even used it all yet!). I loved my consultant (Jill), and several people suggested to me that day and since then that I would be "perfect" at it, since I have so much enthusiasm for the products (and food and kitchen stuff in general, let's be real here). It was a nice thought I put in the "someday" category.

A few months ago, a neighbor of mine became a Rodan + Fields consultant. She had a little soiree at her place to eat, drink and be merry and talk about the product. I went, never one to turn down food, drinks, and the possibility of the perfect skin cream. I spoke with several other consultants. I saw results on people I knew. I tried the product. I was amazed. Sad that it was out of my price range at that moment, but I was sold on it, and owning and using those products went directly to the top of my wish list.

  When I went home that night, my husband remarked that my skin did look better and tighter. This was just after one use and no prompting on my part. The next morning, he remarked on it again, because it still looked good. I looked like just a better version of me.

Long story short (or is it too late for that?), I am now separated. What exactly lies ahead is not clear at this moment, but I knew getting a second job had to be a priority. I've been through this (divorce) before, and worked retail at nights (and some weekends) in addition to my normal job. Besides never being home and always being tired, doing retail at minimum wage earned me about $3000 in one year. Hardly worth all the time I lost. Nevertheless, I went out last week and applied for another retail job (never heard back). A couple of days later, I had convinced myself I deserved a "divorce gift". An iPad. Can I afford one outright? Nope. But they had a tempting credit card application on their site and I was feeling sorry for myself. I gave it a whirl. The worst that could happen was that I wouldn't be approved. Much to my surprise, I was. For more than the cost of the iPad. I immediately had regret. I did not need an iPad, and I was not going to get one. I decided that when the credit card arrived, I would cancel it immediately.

The next morning, I was in the bathtub. I had once again reminded myself guiltily that I needed to get rid of that card the moment it arrived and then... "BAM"... Do you ever believe that God, the Universe, or whatever is shining little flashing arrows in the direction of where you need to go? I do, though those moments are few and far between, unfortunately. The arrows were pointing to Pampered Chef and Rodan + Fields. I prayed on it. Thought about it. Tried to agonize over it, but felt no fear. Arrows still pointed the way. The card (of which I am now anxiously awaiting the arrival), is MORE than enough to get both businesses started.

 I posted on FB about the Pampered Chef and within minutes, 5 people had volunteered to have a party. By the next morning, that number was up to 8. Thank you, flashing arrows! I have only spoken to a few folks about R+F (waiting until I am officially signed up), but my mom is already ready to sign up under me once that happens. This feels right to me. This feels amazing. Exciting, but not scary. I can't wait to get started, and I plan to be completely honest here about the whole process and what it really takes - I can't seem to find any other blogs that tell it like it is. Rest assured I will.

Your Future Pampered Chef and Rodan + Fields consultant,